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Non Passport Inquiry

Be sure to complete all fields. Please allow 24-48 business hours for a response. For immediate assistance visit us on FB at
After Inquiry has been completed, you will be notified to Book your Online Consultation!
What is your Stay Preference? Housing Accomodations?
What is your Hotel preference?
Are you in need of Flights?
Would you like to add Travel Protecton to your Travel Inqiry? If you selected No, You Understand that YOUR TRIP MAY NOT BE REFUNDABLE AND YOU ARE NOT PROTECTED IN THE EVENT OF AN EMERGENCY.
I understand that final payments are usually due 30-45 days prior to departure. This means that any travel dates within this time frame will require a full payment. On the contrary, I am able to pay a deposit and make payments on my trip up to the final payment due date if it is outside of the 30-45 window.
I have researched the travel restrictions of my destination and I am aware of what is required to travel.
By responding yes to this statement, I confirm that I understand Chic Bookings may require a NON-REFUNDABLE fee for research & assistance with planning or providng accommodations for my trip. Should I book and later decide to cancel, choose to book elsewhere, or choose tostop the planning process, this payment may NOT be refunded to me.
Is this a Special Occasion? (Check all that may Apply?)
Vibe Check?

Thank you for submitting your Travel Inquiry! 

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